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Club Z! Tutoring is a leading test preparation franchise that offers test preparation revenue. With over 400 locations across the United States. Become your own boss, and join our multi-billion-dollar industry by requesting our FREE franchise information package!

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How a Club Z! Franchise Provides Test Prep Revenue

Club Z! Tutoring is the nation’s largest in-home and online tutoring and test preparation franchise, with more than 400 locations in North America. Our Club Z! franchise owners are provided with multiple streams of test preparation revenue, including both in-home and online test prep services, small group classes, and online test preparation courses. Club Z! test preparation is available for college placement and admissions exams such as the PSAT, SAT, preACT and ACT; private and selective high school placement and admissions exams such as the ISEE and SSAT; graduate school admissions exams such as the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT; and other test preparation exams such as the ASVAB military placement exam.

Club Z! test preparation tutors are highly qualified and well-trained to offer effective test preparation strategies and instruction to students in all grade levels, and our test preparation programs produce incredible results! In fact, our average SAT student improves 200+ points and our average ACT student improves 4-5 points after completing our Ivy test preparation program. And our proprietary Z Prep! Score Booster SAT and ACT diagnostic test and online study platform is a game-changer for college-bound students. Full-length diagnostic and practice tests are administered online or in paper-and-pencil format, with detailed diagnostic reporting, and video-based answer explanations from top-notch test preparation tutors demonstrating the correct way to answer each and every test question!

Club Z! franchise owners receive extensive training and an easy-to-follow marketing plan for implementing test prep programs in their local markets. In addition, test prep services and programs are in high demand in all markets, and enjoy a high level of word-of-mouth referral, making it easy for Club Z! franchise owners to build this important segment of the business. Club Z!’s proven test preparation services can be entirely customized to fit any need or budget, making them an ideal choice for public schools, private schools, charter schools, and other student-centered organizations.

Club Z! franchise owners can earn revenue from test preparation services and programs in a number of ways, from offering one-on-one in-home test preparation programs to online test preparation classes which are hosted by the Club Z! corporate office. By enrolling students into these online test preparation courses, Club Z! franchise owners can earn additional revenue without adding additional work! That’s because the Club Z! corporate office team administers the program, from tutor recruitment and placement to billing and customer service. And Club Z! franchisees can earn anywhere from 30-80% of the sales revenue from online test prep services, depending on the program. It is truly a win-win! If you’re interested in becoming a leading local franchise with test preparation revenue, then do not hesitate to call 877-631-6764, or fill out our form above for more information.

Own the Top Franchise with Test Preparation Revenue

For the past two decades, Club Z! Tutoring, has been a leading test preparation franchise for teachers and educators. We currently have over 400 franchises across the United States, and are growing rapidly due to the growth in the private tutoring industry. By the year 2020, the private tutoring industry is expected to reach over $128 Billion. Club Z! Tutoring offers one of the best education franchises for sale due to our unparalleled support staff, marketing team, as well as curriculum and test preparation programs. If you’re looking to buy a franchise, Club Z! Tutoring offers multiple test preparation revenue streams, high profitability. and flexibility.If you’re interested in becoming a leading local franchise with test preparation revenue, then do not hesitate to call 877-631-6764, or fill out our form above for more information.

We Want You to Succeed

Club Z! Tutoring Franchise owners receive their initial training from Top Franchises within our franchise network. The ongoing marketing assistance and support is unparalleled in our industry. Our fully staffed call/sales center receives your inbound calls and schedules your appointments with potential clients.

As a franchisee, you will get access to industry leading software that will give you the confidence to manage and grow your business as a large as you desire. We also know that you need an exceptional local staff to stand out and thrive in your community. That’s why Club Z! assists its franchise owners with initial and ongoing tutor recruitment.

Why Own a Club Z! Franchise?

400+ Locations

Club Z! Tutoring has over 400+ locations and has been growing faster than most of our competitors due to our cutting edge practices and multiple revenue streams.


24/7 Support

Our support team assists with initial training, marketing, sales, and tutor recruitment. Our call/sales center can grow your business as large as you want.

$108.2 Billion Dollar Industry

The Education Franchise Industry is poised for growth and Club Z! is leading the charge. We will help you build your local tutoring business and enter the billion dollar industry.

Why Purchase a Club Z! Franchise?

Club Z! Tutoring offers a recession proof business model.

Versatility: You can work from your home or open a learning center.

Club Z! Provides you with a recurring revenue model and growing lead generation techniques.

Extensive Training, that gives you a road map for success. (Don’t worry, we help you every step of the way)

Our students love us! We have a 96.5% satisfaction rate!

Make an impact in your community with a brand that has been trusted for over 20 years.

Our support in unmatched in the industry.

We have a call center that takes inbound and makes outbound calls for our franchises.

Our online tutoring platform provides your franchise with the support of thousands of tutors.

Corporate national advertising that generate clients for our franchises.

Franchisee Testimonials

“As a former business broker, I looked for an opportunity with low overhead and high profitability. The support and guidance is everything I expected and more. If you follow the steps and take advantage of their expertise along the way, you will be successful.”

Dennis Mullen, Club Z! Franchise Owner- Boston, MA

Own the top test preparation franchise with test prep revenue

*Up to $5,5000 in incentives based on territory purchased. Please contact franchise sales for terms and conditions.
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