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Club Z! Tutoring Franchise owners receive their initial training from Top Franchises within our franchise network. The ongoing marketing assistance and support is unparalleled in our industry. Our fully staffed call/sales center receives your inbound calls and schedules your appointments with potential clients.

As a franchisee, you will get access to industry leading software that will give you the confidence to manage and grow your business as a large as you desire. We also know that you need an exceptional local staff to stand out and thrive in your community. That’s why Club Z! assists its franchise owners with initial and ongoing tutor recruitment.

Club Z! Tutoring Franchises

Why Club Z! Tutoring Will Provide you with a Leading Tutoring Franchise

Club Z! Tutoring has over two decades of experience creating a highly profitable-tutoring franchise. If you’re interested in buying a tutoring franchise, make sure to fill out our form above! Club Z! currently has over 400 active franchises across the United States and Canada, and a robust online tutoring platform. Our online tutoring platform is completely unique and unlike any other in the franchise industry. Club Z! Tutoring has an In Home Franchise model, and a Learning Center model, which means we can provide our franchisees with multiple successful and proven opportunities. We are one of the only tutoring franchises that provide franchisees with the opportunity to choose between an In Home Franchise and a Learning Center.

Did you know that the private tutoring industry has surpassed $128 Billion annually by the year 2020? With the Help of Club Z! Tutoring we can make sure that you have the right support and the right training to build a local in home tutoring franchise in your community. We offer a low overhead franchise, with five high profit revenue streams that are unmatched in the tutoring franchise industry.

Five High Profit Revenue Streams

In Home Tutoring

Club Z! Tutoring has been an in-home tutoring franchise leader for the past 23 years. Our decades of experience and proprietary curriculum will help you become a local leader in your territory. Club Z! Tutoring provides our franchisees with a cutting-edge training program that tells you the proper steps to take in order to become successful, and we will continue to support you for years to come!

With our help, your franchise can onboard a plethora of in home students each month. This means that your business will not only flourish, but students in your community will greatly benefit. Many of our competitors do not have an online tutoring franchise option.

Online Tutoring Franchise

Club Z! has a robust online tutoring model. Our Franchisees are able to benefit from some of the greatest web technology on the market known as WEBRTC, and interactive online learning. The corporate offices of Club Z! Tutoring hire all of our online tutors, and are able to teach over 150 different subjects. This means that if a student in your area is requesting a complex subject, such as organic chemistry, you are able to provide them with an online tutor by Club Z! corporate. Currently, franchises love our online tutoring because it helps students who need same day tutoring, that you may not be able to provide.

Club Z! offers our tutoring franchises a full-service solution that makes local competition quite difficult for other franchises. There is not another home tutoring franchise that offers a similar suite of services online.

Test Preparation Tutoring

The SAT Exam, The ACT Exam, The ASVAB, and many more are able to be serviced by a Club Z! Tutoring franchise. Over the past two decades, we have had high professionals develop new and cutting edge learning curriculum for test preparation. On average a Club Z! SAT student increases over 160 points. On average a Club Z! ACT student increases over four cumulative points on the ACT.

We have developed unbelievable test prep material for students on multiple College Entrance Exams, and Military Test. As a Club Z! Tutoring Franchise you will have access to all material that will help you become a top performer in local test preparation.

College Consulting

As colleges continually raise their prices, and lower their admission rates, we understand how difficult this may be for parents. This is why Club Z! Franchises offer College Admission Consulting services to find students various form of aid and assistance. Our franchises are able to provide the tutoring, the college admission consulting, and will also help them with their College Applications!

Boot Camps

Club Z! Franchises have multiple Boot Camp like programs that can help benefit your community. Boot Camps allow students who do not have the ability to pay for one-on –one Tutoring still get the practice and tutoring they need to progress in their educational endeavors. Boot Camps offer franchises the ability to make more money on the weekend, and throughout the summer.

Why Own a Club Z! Tutoring Franchise?

400+ Locations

Club Z! Tutoring has over 400+ locations and has been growing faster than most of our competitors due to our cutting edge practices and multiple revenue streams.


24/7 Support

Our support team assists with initial training, marketing, sales, and tutor recruitment. Our call/sales center can grow your business as large as you want.

$108.2 Billion Dollar Industry

The Private Education Industry is poised for growth and Club Z! is leading the charge. We will help you build your local tutoring business and enter the billion dollar industry.

Ten Steps of Club Z! Tutoring Franchise Ownership

Introduction to Club Z! Tutoring: On your initial phone conversation with the Club Z! Tutoring staff, you will learn about Club Z! , and the private Tutoring market as a whole. We will introduce you to our growth trends, and your potential role as a Club Z! Franchisee.

Complete your No-Obligation Data Form: Before moving forward, we expect our potential franchisees to fill out our basic information form. It’s important for us to understand a little bit about your background and motivations to ensure that Club Z! Tutoring will be the right fit. All information received is confidential, and the brief form is not a contract

Support Call: Your personal franchise development associate will speak with you about the multiple support teams that the Club Z! Franchise has to offer. For example, our in-house art- department, our advanced local marketing team, and our 24/7 call center.

Territory Analysis: Once we feel that you may qualify as a potential franchise owner, the President of Club Z! Tutoring will work with you directly to create a beneficial territory map of your prospective franchise location. This territory map provides you with the cutting-edge demographics of your franchise, if awarded the opportunity.

Call with the CEO: Here at Club Z! Tutoring we understand the importance of creating personal relationships. Our CEO, Mark Lucas will speak with you directly about Club Z! Tutoring and give you his insight into our model, the industry and overall vision and direction for Club Z! Tutoring. He will also make time to address any of your unanswered questions that you have at this point.

Franchise Disclosure Document: Franchisors are required to provide potential Franchisees with a Franchise Disclosure Document. This document provides you with important information on your investments. We will also include a franchise agreement. Please review the documents carefully. We will have a franchise development associate host a follow-up call shortly after to answer any questions.

Speak with Current Owners: This important step will give you the opportunity to ask questions to existing

Awarding and Agreement Signing: If after step 8 you are interested in becoming a Club Z! franchisee, top management will have a meeting to discuss your approval. If approved, you will be sent a formal Franchise Agreement specific for the agreed upon protected territory. Upon signing the franchise agreement, we will introduce you to your franchise support specialist.

Training: After Agreement Signing you will be invited to the corporate offices of Club Z! Tutoring to have personalized training with one of our Top franchisees.

Grand Opening!: The Club Z! Tutoring team will assist you with your launch and customize a local strategy for you to quickly build the Club Z! Tutoring brand in your Market.

Help Your Community through Education

It feels good to own your own business, but it feels really good when that business lets you also give back to your local community in a lasting and meaningful way. With a Club Z! education franchise, you’re not just building a profitable business; you’re building an important legacy in the communities you serve. Club Z! Franchise Owners help their communities by offering highly effective tutoring services, proven test prep programs, college admissions support, scholarship opportunities, and much more! Learn more about how a Club Z! education franchise impacts your community.

How Club Z! Tutoring Helps Kids

Since 1995, Club Z! has had the distinct privilege of helping hundreds of thousands students of all ages achieve academic success. From pre-K to pre-med, and everything in between, Club Z! Tutoring has helped kids raise their grades, increase their test scores, and improve their self-confidence, both inside and outside of the classroom! At Club Z! Tutoring, we are passionate about helping students reach their academic goals. Through our dedicated network of Franchise Owners, who share in our company mission to “educate the world, one student at a time,” we go to great lengths to help students achieve high levels of success. Read more about how a Club Z! Tutoring franchise helps kids.

How Club Z! Works for Teachers

Club Z! has made a name for itself as the leading choice among educators who are seeking a lucrative and rewarding business opportunity. Simply put: teachers make excellent Club Z! Franchise Owners! Teachers excel with a Club Z! education franchise because they share our passion for helping students succeed, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Club Z! tutoring franchise requires no previous business experience, because Club Z! provides comprehensive training, top-notch ongoing support, and a proven business model to follow.

A Proven Test Preparation Model

Our Club Z! franchise owners are provided with multiple streams of test preparation revenue, including both in-home and online test preparation services, small group classes, and online courses. Club Z! test preparation is available for college placement and admissions exams such as the PSAT, SAT, preACT and ACT; private and selective high school placement and admissions exams such as the ISEE and SSAT; graduate school admissions exams such as the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT; and other test preparation exams such as the ASVAB military placement exam.

Why Purchase a Club Z! Franchise?

Club Z! Tutoring offers a recession proof business model.

Versatility: You can work from your home or open a learning center.

Club Z! Provides you with a recurring revenue model and growing lead generation techniques.

Extensive Training, that gives you a road map for success. (Don’t worry, we help you every step of the way)

Our students love us! We have a 96.5% satisfaction rate!

Make an impact in your community with a brand that has been trusted for over 20 years.

Our support in unmatched in the industry.

We have a call center that takes inbound and makes outbound calls for our franchises.

Our online tutoring platform provides your franchise with the support of thousands of tutors.

Corporate national advertising that generate clients for our franchises.

Franchise Testimonials

“As a former business broker, I looked for an opportunity with low overhead and high profitability. The support and guidance is everything I expected and more. If you follow the steps and take advantage of their expertise along the way, you will be successful.”

Dennis Mullen, Club Z! Franchise Owner- Boston, MA

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